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This book is accompanied by a FREE SUPPLEMENTARY BOOKLET.

Supplementary Booklet contains:

  • an alphabetical list of phrasal verbs with definitions
  • alphabetical lists of verbs/adjectives/nouns with prepositions and prepositional phrases
  • a comprehensive table of derivatives suitable for C1/C2 level
  • Glossary

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Way to Grammar C1/C2

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FREE Supplementary Booklet

Available Now

Way to GRAMMAR C1/C2 is a unique, user-friendly grammar book designed to help students consolidate and expand their knowledge of English Grammar and prepare them for all C1/C2 level examinations.

Way to GRAMMAR C1/C2 includes:

  • a clear and simple presentation of grammatical phenomena
  • a wide range of exercises providing thorough practice
  • Language Corner sections focusing on phrasal verbs, words with prepositions, word formation, collocations, etc.
  • Language Awareness sections to help enrich students’ knowledge
  • a review after every three units

Special Features:

  • Clear, simple grammar presentation
  • A wide variety of exercises
  • Language Corner sections
  • Language Awareness sections
  • Regular reviews
  • Supplementary Booklet


  • Student’s Book
  • Free Student’s Test Booklet
  • Supplementary Booklet
  • Teacher’s Book 
  • Teacher’s Test Booklet 
  • IWB Software (Free download)