About us

NYLC GrivasCy, established in 2015, is a new company proudly promoting and distributing Top of the Line educational material created by the leader in EFL books, GRIVAS PUBLICATIONS.

The warehouse is located in Lemesos and our dedicated staff guarantees the best service on a 24/7 basis.

We are committed in providing top quality material at very competitive prices and next day delivery throughout Cyprus (Monday - Friday).

Our top priority is to offer outstanding service and excellent support.

Our High Quality Books

  • Coursebooks for young learners that make learning easy and fun including plenty of skills practice from a very young age.
  • Coursebooks for Secondary Levels with a carefully graded syllabus and extra emphasis on skills development.
  • Courses that promote critical thinking through a variety of age-appropriate topics which spark students' interest.
  • Carefully selected content to motivate learners with different learning capabilities and help them in language acquisition.
  • Exam books which contain extensive preparation sections for the key areas of each exam that equip candidates with the techniques and skills needed to succeed.
  • A wide range of carefully graded skills books available for all levels that provide students with the means to communicate effectively in English.
  • Grammar books for all levels with clear, comprehensive grammar explanations, plenty of examples and ample practice.
  • Innovative Interactive Whiteboard Software that is easy to use which contains a wealth of fun, motivating activities.

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