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Play & Learn Pre - Junior

Play & Learn Pre - Junior

Play & Learn Pre - Junior

Play and Learn is a lively, communicative course for very young learners of English. It utilises subjects and environments familiar and interesting to this particular age group and contains pupil-centred activities, including games, rhymes and songs.

Play and Learn consists of twenty separate units. Units one to eighteen contain three lessons, A, B and C, while units nineteen and twenty are each made up of a short story. There is a revision lesson after every four units in order for pupils to consolidate the language skills they have acquired.

Play and Learn contains:

  • Colourful images and characters that evoke real-life situations.
  • A variety of activities that gradually develop pupils' skills.
  • Fun, lively activities that give pupils the opportunity to be creative and to learn as they play.
  • Ample opportunity for pupils to interact and put their newly-acquired language skills into practice.

Play and Learn gives pupils a thorough grounding in listening, oral, reading and writing skills and helps them approach the next stage in the language-learning process with confidence.