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Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills

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Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills for the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools examination has been designed to thoroughly prepare students for Papers 2, 3 and 4 of the examination. The book familiarises students with the different task types and covers topics that frequently occur in the examination.

Speaking, Listening & Writing Skills includes:

  • stimulating material which has been carefully selected to cover a wide variety of contemporary issues.
  • exercises and activities to show students ways of improving their performance in the areas of speaking, listening and writing by helping them to develop specific skills for each of these sections of the exam.
  • exercises to expand and enrich students' vocabulary, providing them with a wealth of topic-related lexical items.
  • a variety of oral activities designed to equip students with the skills needed to express their thoughts accurately and effectively.
  • pre-listening tasks which both encourage students to formulate ideas and prepare them for the material they are to listen to.
  • a wide variety of listening texts covering all the task and text types encountered in the examination.
  • writing guidelines for each task type in the examination, showing students how to organise and present their ideas.

Speaking, Listening and Writing Skills for the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools  will provide students with extensive practice in the format of the examination, developing and enhancing their speaking, listening and writing skills to the level required for success in the Cambridge English First (FCE) for Schools examination.


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